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Project Description
AngularGo is a Visual Studio 2013 Web Project Template for creating SPA web project by integrating ASP.NET MVC + WebApi and AngularJS framework.

NOTES: For using with VS2015 CTP, please clone or fork the source code. I will make the VSIX as soon as the VS2015 full version available. I have tested in VS2015 CTP 5 and it works normally as well.

Update Packages
To update the packages, open the Package Manager Console and just execute this command;

PM> Update-Package

This template is for quick creation of SPA Web Project using ASP.NET MVC, WebApi and AngularJS. Create New using this template and just hit F5. You can easily add a new page, MVC controller or webapi controller. There will be package update restoring when compiled for the first time.

Project Template under C# > Web

Sample Output

Example Using External WebApi

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